Modular Active Forward Distribution System

Our compact and reliable Modular Active Forward Distribution System for modern headends and hubs,  Model MFS-208,  allows for complex combining and introduction of new services without disrupting those currently active.  The unit is ideal for applications such as   (SDV) Switched Digital Video,  (VOD) Video on Demand, (VOIP) Telephony, (HSD) High-Speed Data, internet gaming, and others.

The MFS-208 has one main (‘System’) input for all common channels and 44 secondary (Insertion) inputs grouped in three levels, allowing for broad-, mid-, and narrow-casting, as well as eight independent outputs to feed optical transmitters or additional MFS units in series to accommodate more complex designs.

Two grouping loop-through ports are placed on the back panel to increase functionality by allowing the insertion of a channel deletion or other types of filters, or by increasing the number of secondary inputs. These loop-through sections can also enable future introduction of RF redundancy when wired together with our Model MCS-111 redundant switch.

Some of Our Products:

Integrated Head End System VTM-12

The ViewTEQ VTM12 Integrated Head End System consists of a 12-slot mounting chassis, up to 12 high quality SAW filtered modulators, a plug and play backplane, an integrated 12 channel combiner and a universal 90-260V power supply. Install the modulators by sliding them into the chassis slots. This connects the power plug and also connects the modulator output directly to the integrated 12-way combiner, eliminating unnecessary cabling and potential connection problems. The VTM12-CPC chassis and VTM12-* modulators (see Ordering Information for description of these model numbers) use only three rack units, making for easy installation and efficient use of rack space. All components come with a three year warranty.