• Extremely high isolation between inputs of 8-way combiners

  • Excellent input return loss

  • Enough amplifier gain to overcome losses in the combiner sections

  • HAF/HAR Series amplifiers designed with plug-in JXP type attenuator & ViewTEQ Equalizer sockets

  • High output signal level capability

  • Excellent frequency response & distortion characteristics

  • Constant monitoring of amplifier power, power supply output & chassis internal temp.

  • Status monitoring of each amplifier power, cooling fan condition & power supply modules by front panel LED's

  • Designed for optimum heat dissipation


Universal Combining Amplifier System

Model Number: MCA-211


The MCA-211 chassis is universally designed for amplified splitting and combining applications that require unity gain or low insertion loss, and a high level of isolation between adjacent inputs; such as when combining outputs from various video servers. The MCA-211 unit provides an efficient and costsaving solution for this and other forward and return path applications. The modular constructed chassis allows for installation of all ViewTEQ HAF/HAR Series amplifier modules and MCP Series modular passives on the back side of the frame.

The MCA-211 as illustrated here has four high isolation 8-way forward band passive modules matched together with four HAF/HAR series amplifier modules. Because connections between active and passive modules are made with external short jumper cables, it is easier to set RF levels during installation; or to reverse inputs and outputs for a low or no loss splitting amplifier.

The unit's amplifiers are powered with two built-in power supplies connected in a redundant configuration, which are readily accessible from the front of the chassis. Each of these power supplies is capable of supporting the full load of four amplifier.

The universal design of the MCA-211 chassis is such that multiple amplified splitting or combining designs can be achieved in either forward and/or return path applications