• Simplifies rack installation of multiple set top boxes (STB’s) or cable modems in commercial applications, i.e. hotels, schools, etc.

  • Eliminates problematic bundles of powercords STB (transformers, & power strips)

  • Provides efficient use of rack space, 10 STB’s or cable modems per 4RU

  • Provides power redundancy for second power shelf unit

  • Allows for a neat & maintenance-friendly installation platform

  • Designed for compatibility with a wide variety of digital set top boxes or cable modems

  • Custom requests welcomed


Set Top Box/Cable Modem Redundant Power Shelf

Model Number: VT-DCT-700-RPS


Designed and developed primarily for commercial site applications with difficult access, the
VT-DCT-700-RPS Redundant Power Shelf allows for the simple clip mount installation of up to ten digital
set top boxes (STB’s) or cable modems, all commonly powered through a single 200W power supply.
The VT-DCT-700-RPS contains a fuse panel section that routes pre-wired power cords to each mounting
bracket. Ten unwieldy power cubes that do not fit power strips are eliminated with a single AC cord. This wiring
configuration of the shelf unit also provides shorting and overloads protection in the event of a single unit failure.
Additional benefit and functionality is achieved with its built-in Power Redundancy feature; two shelf units
can be wired in series to achieve power redundancy and can power up to 20 STB’s or cable modems
from a single power supply