Modular Headend Passive Systems

Model Number: MCP 111, MCP 211 & MCP 511


The MCP Series provides broadband system engineers an ideal modular platform to easily and flexibly manage RF signals for forward path, return path, and L-Band applications.  The modular designed chassis are offered in 1, 2 and 5 RU configurations and provide an easy future proof solution to add additional signals and services.

MCP Series modular passives are color coded and available in multiple bandwidth configurations; including return (5-70MHz YELLOW) and forward path (54-870/1000MHz GREEN), broadband (5-1000MHz BLACK) and L-band (950-2150MHz BLUE).  Available modules include Universal bi-directional splitters/combiners, as well as specialized unidirectional combiners or splitters featuring a -20dB test point. All modules are optimized for industry best performance in the chosen frequency range; “flat” with built in equalizer and “standard” without equalizer.

The MCP-111 (1RU) and MCP-211 (2RU) chassis’ allow horizontal installation up to four MCP series passives in each 1RU of space.  The MCP-511 chassis allows for the vertical installation of up to (20) MCP series modular passives.

To maximize utilization of available rack space, four-way modules are packaged as Dual units, Directional couplers and two-way modules are packaged as Triple units.  All modules occupy a single slot in the frame.  A fully populated 5RU MCP-511 chassis with (20) Dual 4-way combiner or splitter modules will provide up to a maximum total of 260 ports (including test ports).  Internal walls prevent any potential cross talk. All Test points are accessible from the front of the chassis.

This modular design is very easy to install, maintain, and reconfigure as needed. All MCP Series modules are carefully tuned, and quality control tested in the manufacturing process, assuring repeatable and dependable electrical performance.

  • Highest achievable levels of port-to-port isolation, return loss response

  • Greatest density available with 20 modules across a 5RU 19” rack

  • Options include -20dB test points, built-in equalizers  for extremely flat response

  • Custom designed configurations, bandwidths available

Forward & Return Path Modules  from 5MHz-1GHz
L-Band Modules from 950-2150MHz
  • Industry’s best performance & specifications for port-to-port isolation & return loss

  • Power passing feature available

  • Custom designed configurations & band-widths available