• 12 modulators with integrated combiner = one output

  • 25dBmV chassis output level

  • True plug & play: modulators plug into chassis backplane

  • Fewer cables & connectors, greater reliability

  • Low power consumption; 25W for 12 modulators

  • Internal fan for reducing temperature

  • Integrated combiner has 40dB isolation

  • SAW filtering on IF for superior in band  C/N

  • Output filtering for excellent adjacent channel performance


Integrated Head End System 

Model Number: VTM12


The ViewTEQ VTM12 Integrated Head End System consists of a 12-slot mounting chassis, up to 12 high quality SAW filtered modulators, a plug and play backplane, an integrated 12 channel combiner and a universal 90-260V power supply.  Install the modulators by sliding them into the chassis slots.  This connects the power plug and also connects the modulator output directly to the integrated 12-way combiner, eliminating unnecessary cabling and potential connection problems.  The VTM12-CPC chassis and VTM12-* modulators (see Ordering Information for description of these model numbers) use only three rack units, making for easy installation and efficient use of rack space.  All components come with a three year warranty.