• Provides 16 outputs with 0.0dB insertion loss

  • 950-2150MHz bandwidth

  • Excellent flatness across band, ±0.75dB

  • High isolation, 21dB min

  • Excellent output return loss, 20dB min.

  • LNB powering optional, 18VDC

  • Universal powering, 90-240VAC or -48VDC

  • 1RU chassis to save critical rack space

  • Input and output -20dB test ports


16 Way L Band Splitter

Model NumberUHP-103-16LPP


The new ViewTEQ UHP-103-16LPP is a 16-way active L band splitter in which an incoming L band signal is amplified and then split 16 ways, providing 0.0dB insertion loss at each output. It has a -20dB output test port on the input and a -20dB output test port connected immediately after the amplifier.

The UHP-103-16LPP covers the 950MHz to 2150MHz band and provides high isolation between outputs to prevent interference and the 1RU chassis saves critical rack space. LNB powering at 18VDC is available through the input connector to simplify installation and avoid extra connections. Powering options for the unit includes our universal 90-240VAC, 40-60Hz and -48VDC to work with any headend design.