Rack Mount RF Sensing Switch

Model NumberMSS-115


The Key feature of this new switch is the patent pending DYNAMICALLY SELF-ADJUSTING REFERENCE LEVEL. Instead of comparing A and B signal levels to their own preset reference levels, this new switch compares A and B levels to each other, as a dynamic reference level, maintaining redundancy even when there are no signals.  It is completely automatic, eliminating field set up errors, time and labor to set up, and readjustment when there are channel lineup changes.

The RFS-002 RF Sensing Switch has manual adjustable switching thresholds of 2, 4, 6, or 8dB from input signals of 0-48dBmV (130 channels/total power approximately 22dBm.)  Factory installed threshold level is 4dB.  Other thresholds and input signal ranges are available.  Custom modularity is invited.

  • Dynamically Self-Adjusting Reference Level (patent pending)

  • Automatic, no adjustments necessary

  • Suitable for all applications

  • Ideal for return path redundancy

  • Broadband detector 5-1002MHz

  • Built-in hysteresis

  • Large input range 0 to 48dBmV

  • Failure lights & alarms

  • Remote monitoring

  • LED status & automatic override

  • -48VDC powering available