Narrowcast Distribution Units

Model Number: NDU-8A 

  • Single broadcast input split to 8 discrete combining modules for narrowcast addition(s)

  • Add up to 4 separate narrowcast inputs, such as VOD, VoIP or HSD, to each combining module

  • 8 combined signal outputs

  • Excellent return loss & isolation specifications for all ports

  • Test ports for broadcast input and all output modules,-20dB ± 0.5

  • All passive can be stacked to save space

  • 48-1002 MHz bandwidth


Narrowcast Distribution Units

Model Number: NDU-8A 


Viewteq's NDU-8A allows you to combine four narrowcast inputs, i.e. high speed internet, telephony, VOD, LO, system monitoring and sweep, with a broadband input, targeted to a particular node. The unit passively distributes a single common channel lineup (RF or main input signal) to a group of eight optical transmitters. The common signal is combined with up to four narrowcast services inserted independently at each of the eight output section modules positioned on the rear panel. Optical Tx's require a very flat input and with the NDU-8A integrated design of splitting/combining with preequalization, it has excellent pass band flatness of ±0.5dB from all inputs to output. Different services can be used at the same frequency to different optical Tx's due to the NDU-8's high isolation of more than -65dB between narrowcast inputs of different groups.