Modular Headend Amplifier System

Model NumberMCA-111


Our Modular Headend Amplifier System, Model MCA-111, is perfect for applications such as headend laser transmitter drivers, signal power boosters, or isolation amplifiers. It includes from one to up to four amplifiers.  Various gain amplifiers can be mixed in a single frame and may include amplifiers for return, as well as for forward paths applications.

The MCA-111 chassis is powered with two built-in power supplies connected in redundant configuration, which are easily accessible from the front of the chassis. Each of these power supplies is capable of supporting the full load of four HAF or HAR series amplifier modules.  In the unlikely event of a single power supply’s failure, you can replace it without interrupting service, which increases the system’s reliability.

  • Load sharing redundant power supply modules.

  • Excellent input & output return loss.

  • High output signal level capability.

  • Excellent frequency response & distortion characteristics.

  • Contact closure alarm circuitry constantly monitors powering of amplifiers, output of each power supply, temperature inside the chassis.

  • Front panel LEDs allow for status monitoring.

  • Attenuators & equalizers enable required gain & slope.

  • Low noise figure.

  • All HAF & HAR amplifier modules offer optional -20dB test ports.

  • Designed for optimum heat dissipation

  • Install up to four amplifiers in a 1RU 19” chassis