Modular Amplifiers

Model NumberMCP-111PA (Series)


Our MCP Series Amplifiers, MCP-111PA, provide gain, frequency band and powering options for any need.  We offer 28 standard configurations including L Band, with other gain choices available. Forward amplifiers (HAF-xx) have a bandwidth of 48-1002 MHz and use power doubling GaAs technology. Return amplifiers (HAR-xx) have an extended bandwidth of 5-65 MHz and use push-pull Silicone chips.  Test ports can be ordered on the forward and return modules.

  • Forward gain options of 20dB, 24dB & 27dB

  • Return gain options of 23dB & 27dB

  • Other gain values available on request

  • Universal 95 to 240 VAC or  -48 VDC powering

  • Test ports available on forward and return amplifier modules

  • Extended return band of 5-65 MHz Mounts in all MCP chasses, 1RU, 2RU and 5RU

  • Combine with MCP passive modules in the same chassis

  • L Band (950-2150 MHz) amplifiers and passives also available