• Simple to use

  • Two channel plans – CATV Ch: 2-136 Off-Air: 2-79

  • Provides signal strength, carrier-to-noise & voltmeter function

  • Key pad for direct access to any channel or any frequency (46-870MHz)

  • Tilt mode displays video levels of any two selected channels; by pushing Tilt again, displays dB difference.

  • LCD display with on/off back light

  • Long battery life

  • Automatic shut-off

  • AC volt meter

  • Small & durable

  • Cost effective

  • Includes Carrying Case


RF Signal Level Meter  

Model Number: MR-3

The MR-3 is a reliable, cost effective solution for the accurate measurement of TV signals for either CATV or Off-Air channels.

In the single channel mode, the MR-3 displays the channel number, video RF level in dBmV, video frequency in MHz, and the dB difference between the video and audio carrier. When the MHz button is pressed, it switches to the audio carrier and lets you hear the audio from the built-in speaker.

The LCD has a battery status indicator which is always on, so you know when the meter needs to be charged.