Dynamically Self-Adjusting RF Sensing Switch

Model NumberRFS-002


The ViewTEQ RFS-002 RF Sensing Switch incorporates our patent pending Dynamically Self-Adjusting Reference Level.  Using this new technology, the RFS-002 compares A and B signal levels to each other, rather than preset reference levels, even when no signal is present.  The RFS-002 is fully automatic, eliminating field set-up errors, labor and readjustment.

The RFS-002 Sensing Switch has manual adjustable switching thresholds of 2, 4, 6 or 8dB from input signals to 0-48dBmV (130 channels/total power approximately 22dBm.)  The factory installed threshold is 4dB.  Additional thresholds, powering options and input signal ranges are available.  Custom inquires are welcome.

  • Dynamically Self-Adjusting Reference Level (patent pending)

  • Automatic functioning

  • Ideal for return band redundancy

  • 5-1002MHz broadband detector

  • Large input range, 0-48dBmV

  • Failure lights and alarms

  • Remote monitoring capable

  • Built-in hysteresis

  • Multiple powering options