Modular Headend Redundant Amplifier

Model NumberMCS-114


Our MCS-114 is designed for use when redundancy of amplification or signal sources is needed.  Its modularity features make it possible to build a variety of devices, including our RF Sensing Switch, RFS-002, any of our HAF/HAR series of amplifiers, and our high quality splitter, 2WSS-E with equalizer.

All units are housed in a single 19” 1RU chassis, eliminating the need for a separate chassis for switching and amplification functions, significantly saving both rack space and cost.

Each MCS-114 includes:  two power supplies and two amplifiers in a redundant configuration; connections for remote control and monitoring; front panel indication, and manual controls. 

Additional functions of the MCS-114 devices are: monitoring and controlling primary and secondary sources of signals; monitoring amplifier output signal levels; insertion of alarm channels, and many more.

  • Modular design

  • 2 power supplies & two amplifiers in redundant configuration

  • Wide range of input signals

  • Self-adjusting operation eliminates additional set ups

  • Changeable threshold level

  • Very high “Off” & input-to-input isolation

  • Excellent in/out return loss

  • Universal AC/DC power supplies

  • -48 VDC powering available