Redundant Active Forward Distribution System

Model Number: MFS-210R


Our compact and reliable Redundant Modular Active Forward Distribution System is a next generation of devices for modern headends and hubs. Model MFS-210R allows for complex combining and introduction of new services without disrupting those currently active.  The full redundancy in power supplies and amplifiers is ideal for applications such as (SDV) Switched Digtial Video, (VOD) Video on Demand, (VOIP) Voice Over Internet Protocol, (HSD) High-Speed Data and others where interruptions are not acceptable.

 The MFS-210R has one main (‘System’) input for all common channels and 44 secondary (Insertion) inputs grouped in three levels, allowing for broad-, mid- and narrow-casting, as well as eight independent outputs to feed optical transmitters or additional MFS units in series to accommodate more complex designs.

  • Expanded bandwidth to 1GHz

  • Completely modular 2RU chassis

  • Built in redundant power supply & amplifier

  • Front panel mounted test points & LEDs

  • Combines & distributes input signals to transmitter "TX" output ports in groups of 8, 4, 2 & 1

  • New dual mid-cast input module option allows insertion to a group of 2 transmitter "TX" outputs

  • Excellent flat frequency response

  • Superior return loss

  • Low noise & excellent distortion parameters

  • Highest isolation between groupings

  • Custom option designs available